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I am sure this is not a mistake a lot of people will make, but I am just sharing….just in case it helps someone else out there.

About a month odd ago….when we met up with our contractor to sort out where electrical points and wiring needed to be done for the house, our contractor mentioned that it was time to pay the next 40% of our bill.

Being a rookie, out came the cheque book, and I paid the 40%.  I didn’t refer to the contract I signed with the contractor that said that the 2nd 40% payment was due when 80% of the work is done.  We were are not even close to 80% of the work being done.  That is now…don’t talk about a month ago.  At that time, tiling works was still a work in progress, the house was not painted, we have not even started on carpentry.

So now that the contractor has his 80%…. it has been a little trying.  We (via our poor IDers who have to chase like loansharks) have been asking for a timeline for the final leg (we have been working without a timeline), and that has not been given even after much pushing.  A timeline for this final leg is actually quite crucial to us because we need to arrange delivery of furniture and electrical appliances, get our clothes drying system sorted etc.

Our contractor said that he will have the timeline over to us by the end of today…fingers crossed it actually happens.  So that we can get ourselves organised.  Hope this helps some out there…always make sure you ask for a timeline early in the renovation process…agree on the milestones (when payments will be due) so that everyone is on the same page… .