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We were very excited after we received the update from our IDers on light installation so we happily trooped down to the new home after work to check it out.  It is looking really good….the black and white theme is coming together very well.  The woodie part will come from the soft furnishing we have selected.  but more on electrical installation.


Check out the view of the study room!  Love it!!  A before and after shot of the electrician installing the ceiling light in the study.  The black and white relite fans really add on to our theme.  It makes such a difference.  The hole in the wall is totally worth the pain.  It gives the home such a nice airy feel.


Our IDers sent us a shot of the electricians installing the huge feature light for the staircase area.  Still get a kick that at the first glance, our IDer thought that the light sitting in a corner of the house was an exercise ball.  Nah…this is one of the many lights I bought from Taobao…This light only cost me S$120!  I saw a much smaller version at one of the shops along Jln Besar and it was retailing for more than three times that price!!


It sure isn’t easy installing the light…kinda scary actually…the electrician is standing on a thin piece of wood just outside the study room!!  I wonder how they would have installed it if the “hole in the wall” was not there!



Finally the light is up!! And it is gorgeous!


We were kinda worried that the light would be too big.,..it is 1m in diameter…but in the end…it is just right.  Can’t wait to turn it on…the mesh will give the white walls a great textured look!  Happy with this taobao purchase.


Another Taobao purchase…the pendant light in the powder room downstairs.  Funny story this one.  During the design stage for the home, when our IDers were showing us ideas of how the powder room will look like, it had this light…to their surprise…i managed to find the exact same light on taobao.  We had a nice chuckle about that.  Again…super cheap…this light only cost me S$38.   :)


One more taobao light featured in today’s post.  The rest will have to wait cos they have not been installed yet.  Purchased two of these wall washers.  One sits halfway up the stairs, the other just outside the master bedroom.  Really like how understated they look.  I don’t care that they are a replica…they were cheap too!!  S$57 each!

Disclaimer: The lights have been installed, but the light switches are not up, so i can’t really tell you if the taobao lights are all working.  I am assuming the electrician tested them out before installation.  He should have seeing as he informed us one of the T5 lights was faulty.    We will know soon enough…fingers crossed!


The LED lights are also up in the bathrooms and wallway to the common bathroom upstairs.  Sweet!
The cute retro looking light is up in our walk-in pantry, there’s another one sitting pretty in our staircase storeroom.
The light our IDers salvaged from the house before everything got demolished is also up.  They did such a great job cleaning and refurbishing it!  And the black and white theme continues!!
Here’s a close up of the lamp.  Squeeky clean…it looks brand new!!
The place is really coming together.


A total of three sets of track lights was purchased for the new home.  The one in the master bedroom, i featured yesterday.  This tracklight is for the feature shelf that the carpenter is busy working away on.


The last set of tracklights is for the shoe rack area! :)