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Wow…i think the purchase of the house…the move to the new home is finally sinking in.  Yes…talk about slow with the sinking in that i have purchased my first home and I am leaving home soon!  LOL.  I just booked my movers!!  It is all coming together now!!  Wow…

Just to play safe…I checked online for an auspicious date to move…simple enough…given the contractor a couple of days of buffer (though i am not telling him that i am giving him a buffer) will only tell my IDers cos i trust them.  Heh!

With a upcoming Public Holiday, that comes in really handy…one extra day to unpack in the new home!!

This is the site i used to check for an auspicious move in date: http://www.west-meet-east.com/fengshuiday.htm#s9