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We got a total of 5 relite petite fans for the house.  Mainly cos they are black in colour…goes with our theme for the house and also because there are some great reviews for it.  Good breeze generated…actually no one had anything even mildly bad to say about it.  Well…lil miss picky me has a small gripe about them. Actually our IDers pointed it out when they sent a progress report yesterday.

See the top bit where the motor is…the cap doesn’t flush 100% to cover it…so when it is installed to the ceiling there is a small gap.  It is a very teeny tiny issue…i mean at the end of the day who will scrutinize the ceiling fan…but now i know it is there…snooped around the forum…checked out pictures and so far it looks like the gap is inevitable…anyone encountered this too and managed to solve it?