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Dropped by our home on Saturday, cos we had some vendors come by to make measurements etc.


So we have sorted out our clothes drying system.  The vendor was very prompt…and after taking some measurements…everything is sorted!  Super duper fuss free, and I have used the EziLiving system before, so that was two thumbs up.


When our pantry shelving vendor arrived, we realised that our contractor made a mistake with the entrance…hopefully that can be rectified.  Pantry shelving was a bit of a tough decision for us.  It came down to two vendors which had very good feedback on the forum.  Called the cheaper guy first, and his response was…”go measure, and tell me, and we will fabricate.  No I have no time to come down for a consultation”.  So that didn’t make me feel very comfortable.  Contacted the pricier guy…and he came down!  Got a rough quote…one of their models will be a perfect fit for the pantry so we will probably go with that once our contractor solves the entrance of the pantry problem.


We were pleasantly surprised when we stepped into the house.  They have done a chemical clean! The place looks squeeky clean and now we can really see the beauty of the black and white mosiac.  Loveit!  Will let the pictures do the talking.




Panoramic shot of the home from the entrance!  So bright!



Panoramic from the yard area.  Can you see the pebble wash at the entrance?  So pretty!



The glass rail is up for the study…it is coming together!



I think the big “exercise ball” light really pulls together the look of the house



Panoramic shot of the living and balcony area from the pathway between the kitchen and the living.