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Our electrician has been hard at work installing the lights for the new home.  The ceiling lights for the kitchen is sorted….we have gone for simple ceiling mounted phillips lights.  We have gone with white light mainly cos warm light can be a little misleading and no one wants to eat raw food.  The placement of the ceiling lights are like what you see above…we have gone with round instead of square lights.


Now comes the dillemma.  For the beautiful campbells lights….should we go for warm or white light bulbs!  I am leaning towards warm bulbs for the campbells lights.  Mainly because the white lights from the ceiling will give sufficient lighting if we are cooking at the island area.  That way…when we do turn on just the pendant lights when we are enjoying a quick simple meal at the island…we can have some warm lighting.  Might be a nice variation.  Also it would be nice to just leave the campbells lights lit if we have guests over for dinner (at the dining area) and we can use the campbells lights for some soft lighting in the kitchen.


Then my mind being terribly fickle wonders…what if it looks strange with both the campbells and the ceiling light on.  Will it make the kitchen area confused.  What do you think?