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Dropped by the home, and progress has slowed down over the last week because we are waiting for carpentry installation which will begin today!! Yes!!  Very exciting!


Fingers crossed everything goes according to plan and the house will be pretty much ready next week.  So before posting pictures of installation of carpentry…here’s an update on progress:



The electrian has wired up some of the lights to switches…so we can actually see what they look like at night!  The “exercise ball” light and wall washer we got from Taobao.  The exercise ball light isn’t too big right? W e were a little concerned about the size…but looking at it now, it seems to fit.  What do you think?

We are wondering if there’s such as a thing as a screw on LED bulb.  Thinking of changing the bulb to LED (but it needs to be screwed on like a E27 bulb) so that we don’t have to worry about changing it for a loooong time.  Anyone know if there’s such a thing as a screw on LED bulb?


Our french door for the study is also up.  Now it just needs a coat of paint and door handles!  Isn’t it pretty!!  The door will come in handy.  It isn’t just there to look good…but it allows us to turn on the AC if we want to in this room.  Cos of the hole of course.  heh!  Not to mention privacy if we have heaps of friends staying over…it will give them some privacy.


The toilet bowls and bidet sprays are also up in all three bathrooms.  We printed out the Mr Mouse Toilet Roll holder pictures and placed them in the toilets so that the plumber knows which mouse goes to which bathroom.


The pretty mirror we got during the Great Singapore Sale.  Ready to be installed in the powder room.  Will add to the vintage charm.


Taobao dining lights and our microwave is also ready for installation.

Can’t wait for this big week!!