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I have shared that I have placed my order for all my electrical items with Parisilk.  Mid last week, they informed me that they made a mistake and the freezer i ordered is actually no longer available.  They are trying to find me a replacement.  I panicked.  The freezer is suppose to go under one of the cabinets, and we have designed it in such a way that it will be flush with the rest of the cabinets.  

After a few days, they were still looking for the freezer for me.  Stress.  I started calling around the various electrical shops and even the brand’s agent…and all i managed to find was a display set.  I have asked them to put it on hold for me till close of business today (Monday).

Still feeling really uneasy, i called up one of the big bosses of Parisilk, and he came up with a solution almost on the spot.  He offered a pricier freezer with dimensions that is quite close to the freezer i had ordered.  Pretty good service recovery I must say.

IDers went down today and measured the space (seeing as carpentry installation has started) and they concluded that the pricier freezer isn’t a right fit due to height.  Stress again.

Contractor to the rescue!  He made a couple of calls and he has found me a brand new one!  The original freezer i had ordered from parisilk!!  OMG!!  So thankful.  He will be going down to help me make the payment and collect the freezer this evening.  Icing on the cake?  He is going to try and haggle the price down a little for me.  It is just $10 more then Parisilk’s quote…not that i shared that with him cos I really appreciate what he has done and I don’t wanna nit pick.  So so grateful already!