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So before we showed up at the place (where we saw the island and side cabinets installed), our IDers spent almost a half a day onsite.  How awesome are they!  Really thankful they are so dedicated in helping us create our dream home.

They sent over some pictures of the installation yesterday…and I went to their blog to have a look at what really transpired…it is quite entertaining!  It’s great reading the home renovation from their point of view….it is quite different from a homeowner’s point of view.

Anyway, here aremore pictures:

Our carpenter and his men, plus one half of the awesome ID duo (the guy in red checks) deciding where each piece of carpentry should be placed.  Amusing to read that the tall boy (second pic from the right bottom) was so tall, that they had to be careful it didn’t hit the phillips ceiling lights!

There was so much wood work around the house that there was hardly any standing space!  Here you see our IDer deep in thought…I wonder what he was thinking…they didn’t blog about that.

The top two pictures are quite funny.  There was like a relay conversation going on about what wires need to go where behind the carpentry and the placement of wires etc.  It was all getting a little confusing…till the carpenter starting drawing/mapping it out.  Then everyone was on the same page…sometimes a picture really paints a thousand words.. LOL.

The bottom two pictures, the carpenter, electrician, main contractractor, IDer all squashed into the teeny tiny master bathroom.  They are sorting out the wiring behind the vanity bathroom cabinet..cos we have mood lighting for the toilet.  We just hate white light…though that is needed SOMETIMES…most of the time we want it cosy.  So heaps of lighting options…like the rest of the house.

Sidenote:  We really appreciate how our IDers have taken in our insistence of warm lights almost throughout the house…except for the kitchen.  Kitchen is pretty much the only place with white light…and even then…we have warm lights for after cooking…still like it warm and cosy.

Our pretty french door for the study…half open and half closed… love it!

Last but not least…this box you see will be fitted into the hole…it will be for the master bedroom tv console.  We had trouble visualing the console…now..it is all clear…LOVE IT!

You can read about their thoughts on carpentry here:  http://butterpaperstudio.blogspot.sg/2013/09/renohougang-maisonette-carpentry-part-1.html