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The final leg is finally here, and I must admit it is really exciting to see the house coming together.  Earlier in the day…we saw all the cabinets being carried up to our flat.  After work when we rushed down to check on project…we rushed only because we were really excited…OMG!!  So much has been done!  And we can finally really envision what the place will look like once it is complete!  Well less words…more pictures…come take a tour with me!


The view from the entrance of the flat.  Tada!! That’s the laminate we chose for the bottom cabinets.  We were quite worried that the laminate would be too loud for the black and white tiles…I think it looks great.  What do you think?  Right in front, that is the kitchen island…BLISS!

You see the white wood work behind with a square hole?  It’s to fit around the beam on the right!


A zoomed in shot of the pretty laminate.  Sarah thinks it makes the house look warm.. you think?


To the left…this is where the main cooking will be done and where the tall boy will be.  Tall boy will house the oven and the built in microwave.  There will be top hung cabinets here, but that isn’t being installed yet.  They are trying to get the bottom cabinets sorted first so that the granite guy can come in and do the measurements this evening.


The opposite view of the island.  Head carpenter is making sure that the island is level.


Cabinets for the yard is also up.  Behind this cabinet is the bin chute and a small section to hold our broom, mop etc.  When we want it out of sight.