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More carpentry installation happened yesterday when we dropped by the new place.  Wow!!  It is really coming together…and the number of men working in the house…AMAZING….felt very special.  there was at least seven men there.

They rushed to get the base carpentry in the kitchen done so that granite guy can come in and measure.  Fingers crossed, granite installation will take place on Saturday!!!  Woohoo!!!  Speaking of counter tops…the marble should be sitting pretty in the new home right now…just waiting for installation.  🙂  It was delivered this morning.

Ok…picture time!

View from the main entrance!  My campbells lights are up!!!! LOOOOOVE them!!  I have asked that they adjust the lights a bit so that the labels face the entrance.  🙂 .  To the left, the frame of the full length shoe cabinet is up!!  The black laminate inside makes a huge difference.  Main reason i requested for black laminate inside is because it is easier to hide dirt.  Can’t wait for the doors to be installed.

Closer look at the campbells lights 🙂

Another look at the shoe cabinet..all the shelves are adjustable..with drawers at the bottom for socks :).

The beautiful book and display shelf is up!!  Wow!!  Plan to slowly start collecting food related crockery for this area.  Will take a while…starting from scratch.

View of the shelves from the living 🙂