Next time this week, we will be spending our second night in the new home.

That’s a huge milestone for us. Our first home. One we plan to stay in for a very long time.

Will save the journey post when we are done. I just want to log down the excitement and what is still pending.

Tomorrow, final painting touch ups wills be done, some electrical work (before fixing little things we spot), carpentry touch ups. Things have gone up really fast.

In the picture above, you will see the oven has been installed. We are really lucky they match though they are of different brands. Phew! Stroke of absolute luck. I relied on a picture I had on my iPhone of the purchased oven, and hoped for the best when we purchased the microwave.

Not sure i like the white laminate below the oven. Tempted to change it to the wood laminate.

On Saturday, the house should be cleaned, the granite installation hopefully will be done. Unless our marble supplier fixes the hiccup we have spotted.

On Saturday, the clothes drying system is also in. Then on Sunday, we will start spring cleaning the place. Shouldn’t take much time because our contractor also runs a cleaning service. They did a clean before carpentry installation, and man was it clean. Should make our life really easy.

We are already on leave to get everything ready for the big move. Must remember to bring over some mugs, kettle and coffee to help keep us going. Water too of course. šŸ™‚

Monday, all the new stuff comes in. That’s going to be a crazy exciting day. Hopefully Parisilk/supploers gets it right this time. There was a small hiccup when the microwave was delivered.

Tuesday, stay at the current joke and do our final packing. Pack a bag with clothes and necessities for two days, bring that over with our valuables and we will be ready for the movers on Wednesday morning! Ridiculously excited.

Thursday… Our second night in the new home will be the man’s birthday. How awesome is that!