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They have started installing some stuff in the kitchen!! Very exciting…first thing i would like to make a big YIPPEE about…My Kraus sink is in!!  I think we have paid the most attention to the kitchen this reno..and rightly so because we spend the most time in the kitchen.  When i first met up with our IDers…i was very specific…the kitchen will be the main focus…and one of the requirements was a big sink.  Initially i was going to go for a 32 inch Kraus sink!! LOL but after heaps of discussions with our IDers..we dropped it to a 30 inch Kraus…and I am still very happy.

Even after the purchase…everytime i walked past a sink…i would give it a knock…the sound just isn’t as solid as the kraus sink.  The Kraus sink is really well padded.  Very happy purchase and it is looking pretty in the new home!!  Can’t wait for granite to go on top!! Measurements have been done.  Speaking of kraus and amazon…I also got my kitchen faucet from kraus (off amazon).  There has been a lot of talks on the forums that contractors have difficulty installing the faucets…when i showed it to my contractor…he said no problem…fingers crossed it is really no problem.  Heh!  Will know real soon.

Our Song Cho dish rack is also being installed!!  Was very specific in my instructions…the dish rack is to be drilled through the wood and lodged into the concrete wall.  So that it is really sturdy.  🙂

And it is up!! Here you see both the kraus sink AND the dish rack.  Happy girl.  🙂

I think these two were my first real buy for the house in march.  Purchased this super strong Ariston chimney hood and and stove at their warehouse sale.  Got it for a STEAL!  I have used ariston stoves (even this model here) and ovens for a long time (almost two decades) and i have never had issues with them. So why fix something that aint broke…so I stuck with Ariston.  🙂  The price point helped too.  😉

The tall boy cabinet is also up…and the built in microwave has been installed!!  Yippee!!!  🙂  Now the oven needs to be slotted in below.

Here’s the view of the whole area 🙂