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More updates…mainly in the kitchen area.  Things are slowing down seeing as the house is almost done.  Most of the wood work is complete in the kitchen.  Just the coffee counter cabinets needs to be completed…then it is installation of granite…installation of the electrical appliances and electrical points, touch ups and we are done.

The most exciting thing that happened yesterday?  Seeing the marble on the island!!!

The crazy heavy piece of marble….delivered by the supplier…waiting for our contractor to bring it up!  IT IS HEAVY… see the little piece in the front..that is going on top of my singer sewing machine legs..and i struggled to move that!

Sitting pretty at its rightful place 🙂

The portion on the right is empty at the moment because granite will be installed there.  If you remember…a couple of weeks ago…we found out that the marble was too big and there was no way we could bring it up to the flat…so we had to shorten it…decided to go with the black granite for that portion.  Will pull the kitchen together.

The marble grain goes with the kitchen!!  YEA!!