Our day started relatively chill… Send the dog to the groomers at noon. Well… Things have been crazy since.

After a quick bite, we did a quick shop at ntuc for necessities for the house when we move in on Wednesday.

The usual stuff, oil, condiments, kitchen towels, toilet roll, tissue paper, waahong detergents, and wine. 🙂 to name a few. The awesome thing about shopping early, we are getting all the items delivered to the new home on the afternoon of the move. Perfect. One less thing to think about.

Seeing as we were at Thompson plaza, a quick stop to watsons to put together a first aid kit (band aids, disinfectant spray, deep heat patches, panadol, etc). Just in case we need it.

A pit stop to Tokyo home to get some storage boxes for the pantry and first aid kit.

Collect the dog… Drop the dog home…


Then scoot to the wood work guy to check on the progress on our Burmese team custom made tv console.


It’s a mix and match of a few tv consoles we like. It’s going to be ready and delivered on Wednesday!

After that was sorted… Scoot to the new house.. Give it another mop… Purchase a couple of power strips and head to starhub to sign up for cable tv and collect the boxes.

Headed back to our current place to continue packing and chucking of stuff. It’s 1am and we are finally done.

Big day tomorrow. Our new sofa, dining set, electrical appliances, study room sofa, pantry shelving and granite installation is going to be in.

We need to be at the house on standby at 9.30am.

Before that, we need to turn off our bar fridge at the current home so that it’s defrosted and ready to be cleaned tomorrow evening.

I’m tired just thinking about tomorrow!