Today was D Day. Delivery day. Think this is a prelude of the big move on Wednesday.

It started nice and calm. A quiet breakfast at our neighborhood coffee shop. Then we waited for our freezer to arrive. We were v excited. Couldn’t wait for stuff to arrive.



Easy enough.


Ethnic Craft king bed was next. Small hiccup, but they resolved it. Great service.


Helping Hands arrived next with our two seater Abitex sofa and wine fridge. Sorted.


Scanteak came next. And I should have noticed the signs…we were about to hit the eye of the storm.

The dining table was too wide but thankfully they managed to carry it through the window.


Our hitachi fridge arrived next. It’s too big to fit in through the door. They had to take the fridge doors off.


While they were struggling either fridge, our living room sofa just managed to squeeze through our door. Phew!


While the poor guys were trying to fit the fridge through the door, the sofa guys putting the sofa together. Our wonderful pantry shelving guy was quietly working.


Just as the fridge guy was done… Our washing machine and tv arrived.

Finally all deliveries are done for the day!