During our first visit with our IDers, I shared that I have used this EZDry system and I would like a yard created and it needed to accommodate it.

From the floor plan, it looked like it would have to be only 1m in length. That’s really short.

Thankfully, when the EZLiving rep dropped by, he said that I can definitely fit a 1.2m system, maybe a 1.5m. He said they were the same price (excellent) and he will have the installation guy bring down both. If the 1.5m fits, that’s the one they will install.

Installation was done over the weekend, and we got the 1.5m system!

The man has never seen this system, and he was blown away at how easy and compact it is. He did add that it was like a transformer robot. (Roll eyes)

Installation was a breeze. The guy was punctual, fuss free installation and it was done in half an hour.

Good to see, after all these years, the service is still excellent.

Note: the first picture is of the system tucked to the ceiling. Handy on rainy days. We can still dry our clothes.

Second picture is of the system extended down. The rails are lowered so that we can reach the pools.

Third picture is of the system extended out. We get great sunlight in the house. This system will fully utilize that. Yea!!