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Ok…think it is best to go room by room…so lets start with our simple living room.

tv console and display shelf


Nothing fancy here.  Just a simple couch…a coffeetable that i have had my eye on for the longest time, and the jewel…our gorgeous custom made burmese teak tv console.

IMG_8899 IMG_8900 IMG_8901 IMG_8902 IMG_8946

Above are pictures of the work in progress shots…loved it that we could see the progression as it was being made.  The last picture above was sent to me…they gave the wood a clear varnish…and I thought that it was perfect…so they kept the staining to a minimal…so that the wood grain would be prominent.

IMG_8991 IMG_8990


Even the drawers were made from burmese teak…check out the wood grain!  AMAZING!

close up of tv console sofa brick wall


We kept the other side of the living plain and simple..just adding a white brick wall to give it some texture.  The simple coffee table thankfully seems to fit into the decor of the home.  Even though it isn’t quite colonial.  Was gonna purchase it from Lush Lush…then I managed to find it on Taobao…saved a bundle!

It has come together quite well.  Not sure if I want a rug in the living…still debating on that.

The sofa was a lucky buy…the original fabric at the showroom was a UGLY flowery design…..thankfully they had other fabrics we could choose from….and we chose this simple charcoal grey fabric.  Fits in well.  We got another set done in the colour of the cushions.  That will be our backup cover set when we wanna wash this one.