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panoramic of kitchen and dining

Fusing at the sink

This is our happy place.  We have moved in for almost two weeks now, and I find myself spending most of my time in the kitchen.

View from Entrance During the Day

Shot of the kitchen from the entrance during the dayIMG_9061

Shot of the kitchen from the entrance at night

Lighting really plays a big part…and it makes the place look so different…the day shot..the place is bright and airy.  At night…it changes to a cozy chill out area.  Exactly what we were looking for.

long side of kitchen


The layout of the kitchen is something we gave a lot of thought to.  The main busy area is definitately the picture above…where the fire stove, oven and sink is located.  It doesn’t form the kitchen triangle that most articles suggest new home owners should consider when designing their kitchen.

This was done on purpose.  We enjoy cooking together, so the obvious area is either the island or this main area where the sink is.  For convienience, we usually work around the sink just because it is easier to keep things clean and hygienic.  The fridge is behind us which is good.  So it is kinda of a triangle IF we were one of those that constantly walk to the fridge to grab stuff.  But we are one of those that have everything we need from the fridge out before prepping.  This is when the kitchen island comes in handy.

french door fridge

Living in hougang, we don’t get pipe gas but instead we have to use cylinder gas.  Not the best for an avid cook.  We have no gauge of when we are going to run out of gas.  And I do a lot of simmering of stocks and stews on the stove top, which means I will be calling the cylinder gas company quite often.  To solve this problem, we added a small induction stove to the kitchen island.

marble counter top

Essentially, it is for emergency use only.  (I don’t want the marble top stained…which is something we are trying to ensure won’t happen by giving the marble a good sealant treatment every six months on our own).  Small price to pay for the gorgeous marble grain.  But definitely homeowners should consider before doing a marble kitchen countertop.

If budget was not an issue, i would not have gone with marble.  I would have gone for granite.  It would have made upkeep of the island a lot easier.  Hey…win some lose some…. win: beautiful looking marble…lose: we will need to take care of it.

kitchen woodgrain

To the left of the island, we have two powerpoints.  When we need to pull out the food processor or the kitchen aid.  The worktop will come in handy then when we make cakes…enough space to hold the various flours and cake tins.  🙂

on the right, we have the switch to the campbells lights and of course the small induction stove.  Handy.

View from Pantry

Aside from the huge french door fridge, i have added a small freezer, the little grey thing you see below the coffee counter.  It is to help hold all the wholesale proteins i purchase.  Would you believe it? We have been in for about two weeks, and both the freezer and the main fridge freezer is almost full.  We are stocked!  Quite exciting.  We have already started cooking in the new home.

view from dining room

The kitchen was also designed that friends can see us fussing in the kitchen when they are around.  It gives them a feel of attending a chef’s table.  Something I do on the side quite often and should start doing soon, now that the house is ready and the festive season is around the corner.

drink wine

There are little touches that show our personality through the home too.  And I think this sign sums us up quite well.  Why?



Check out out my fully stocked wine fridge!  LOL….it is sitting in the walk-in pantry.  That will be a separate post.  🙂

Next week the barstools from taobao will be arriving.  Will update with pictures then 🙂