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Now that is a big shipment…this haul had mainly furniture…two barstools (forgot to take pictures) a oak study desk, a study chair and another some standing lamps.  Other stuff i ordered was a planter rail, but that needs a bit of modification so I will share more about that soon.  But here’s some pictures!


Extremely happy with this oak desk.  It cost me under S$200 before shipping via amcon!  I was a little skeptical about the quality…i was expecting cheap Ikea wood…but it was amazing!  The legs alone was over 7kg in weight!  The finishing was good and the man had no problem putting it together.  He likes his new desk :).

The study chair was also from Taobao.  S$30 before shipping.  Took a while to assemble…but it is comfy!! Good buy.


This standing lamp was a little pricey for taobao standard at S$113 before shipping, but again the finish was great.  Not to mention I love the design.  The wood colour totally matches the coffee table.  Don’t know why…but i really like the red string.


Now that the lamp has arrived for the hall, we could move the standing lamp from a previous taobao loot to the rightful place….in the study.  The light is perfect here…turning it on…it lights up the study AND the stairwell.