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It has been a while since I posted.  Been kinda busy with the home and work.  But here we go.  We dropped by World Farm over the weekend when we were doing our grocery shopping around the area (there’s a great veggie wholesaler), and got ourselves a few more plants.

I got the planter on the left (along the railing) a while back, but I wanted to see how I faired with the plants I got when we first moved in (the ones on the right).  So far…so good…they are all still alive, and they seem quite happy along the corridor.  So we decided time to add to our little corridor garden.

Got these pretty flowers so that we can enjoy a pop of colour when we are having our dinner at the dining table.



So far, they too seem to be doing quite well, and there’s a great mild scent.  Free aromatherapy!  LOL.  Our neighbours have commented that they like the plants outside…which is good.  At least they won’t compain about us making the corridor narrow :).

We celebrated our buy that evening.  We whipped up a yummy lobster and prawn arrabbiata pasta for dinner.  We got the frozen whole lobster from our wholesaler for $22…what a bargain!