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View from Entrance During the Day

One of the things we first purchased for the house were these campbells lights.  And i wanted it to be the first thing guests see when they step into the house.  It has worked out as planned.  Our friends and delivery man have a good laugh when they see them.  We have even had a few delivery men take pictures of it!  INSANE! I know. heh!

When we first showed the lights to our IDers, we were very excited.  It was definitely not easy getting them in from Europe.  Lo and Behold!  They shared that they could have made them for me!!  And they could have customised certain bits of the label!!

I was really bummed cos I like things customised.  Unfortunately, I already spent a small fortune on them, and I had to use them.

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If you like the lamp, you can ask my IDers to make them for you!  And it is waaaay cheaper then the price I paid for them.  Just S$100.  BUMMED!

Well…caring and sharing.  🙂  Their order form is here: http://butterpaperstudio.blogspot.sg/p/shop-online.html