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This was my second trip to Ubud, but my first time to Ibu Oka.  As a foodie….this place had to be on the list.  It is touted to be the BEST when it comes to Babi Guling (Roast Pork).  I did extensive research for our Bali trip.  Consensus was to head to Ibu Oka early or else you could miss out.


We headed to Ibu Oka at about 10.30am, and the place was pretty empty.  Only three other tables was occupied.  There were heaps of staff milling around, but no one actually came to take our order.  We had to go get one of them.  And when they finally did arrive to take our order, they didn’t even come with a menu.  We assumed this humble restaurant did not have one, i quickly referred to my notes, and ordered the Babi Guling Special…aka the works.  (Only later did we realise they DO have a menu because they brought it to another table!)

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Our meal took a while to arrive (though the place was still relatively empty), and the food was not piping hot.  We decided to still go ahead and tuck in.  We justified it in our heads.  “If this place is so popular, the turnover must be high.  We should be safe”.  Overall, I think it was pretty average really.  Even before we tasted babi guling at other places.  The pork was well marinated (didn’t taste too Porkie), but really, nothing much to shout about.  The beans tasted a little too raw for my liking, and I don’t know about the blood sausage cos I skipped that.  The dish overall was a little too salty too.  The crackling (who are we kidding…that is the main reason one orders Babi Guling) was crispy and not oily which is good.  But it was a very small piece of crisp.  The crackling wasn’t good enough for me to head back there again.  And it is a been there done that….I don’t think we will make a second trip there.

TIP:  We left at about 11.30am…just before TWO big bus load of tourist were alighting and heading to Ibu Oka.  Try and get there before 11.30am to beat the crowd.

Address:Jalan Tegal Sari 2, Ubud, Bali (Opens from 10.30am – 3pm)