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For our first three nights of our Bali trip, we decided to stay in Ubud.  We arrived pretty late, and headed straight up to Ubud.  Mainly cos villas are cheaper in Ubud as compared to Seminyak (which is where we were heading to next).  For the price we paid for our three-night stay in ubud (via agoda, which cost us about US$260 after tax for three nights), this was a real steal.

The villas are very new, but there are already signs of wear and tear.  The floors were a little stained, but overall, the place was very clean.  The surrounding very tranquil.  It is a 15 minute drive to Ubud city centre, and via taxi, we paid about US$8 one way.  Not too shabby.  It was definitely still a good bargain.

But I digress.  So…we arrived late on our first day, around 11pm in the evening…it is a good thing, we stopped on the way for supplies (water, chips etc) cos the kitchen looked closed when we arrived.  After looking at the room service menu (not sure if we could have ordered even if we wanted to), we are glad that we bought our supplies.  The options just did not look very appetising.

So my advice is to grab some supplies before heading to the villa if you have a driver picking you up from the airport.  The villa supplied two small bottles of water, and that was it…on the second day, they didn’t replace the small bottles.  Maybe because they saw that we had already purchased water.  I am not sure.

The villa itself, I will give it four out of five stars.  It was clean, the pool was big (for a one-bedroom villa), the bed was comfortable and a decent variety of cable channels on the tele for the quiet evenings in.  The location of the villa I would say is a perk being far away from the hustle and bustle.  It was nice heading back to the peace and quiet after fighting the crowd in Ubud city centre.

Most of the villas in bali can be a little dusty…this wasn’t the case with Villa Kayu Lama.  I am very sensitive to dust, and I had no issues here.


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Breakfast options were rather limited, and I was really looking forward to trying their eggs benedict and crispy potatoes cos a lot of reviewers on tripadvisor had said it was awesome.  This was a bit of a let down.  The yolk of the eggs bene was hard boiled…not runny..and the potatoes were a little bland.  So on the next day, we went simple…scrambled eggs…and that was a lot better.  I don’t blame them cos the villa we stayed in seminyak also didn’t get eggs benedict right.  The yolk was runny but the sauce was questionable.

The staff is really friendly and hospitable…checkin and checkout was a breeze.  Totally fuss free.  Very trusting…they didn’t even swipe my card at check in!  The hotel booking was already paid via agoda, but they didn’t swipe my card for incidentals. Upon checkout, they just asked if i had consumed anything from the minibar, and when i said no, they took it as that.

Now for the cons.  I was a little concerned before we arrived at our villa because I had written quite a few emails to the hotel, to confirm our booking, and i never got an answer.  I even sent a couple of chasers…still nothing.  Thankfully, everything was fine when we got there.

If you look at the picture of the bathroom i have posted, look at the location of the WC.  Lets just say that is the exact location of FULL morning sun from 8am – 9.30am.  Not the most comfortable..if you get my drift.  LOL.  (By the way I was staying in Villa 16, the one closest to the lobby/entrance).

The villa faces a padi field…and we had the pleasure of watching them at work while we were enjoying our breakfast in the villa and in the evening before dinner.

The air conditioning could also be a bit better in the villa. We did find it a little warm (even with the AC and ceiling fan on full blast) at bedtime.

Overall, we did enjoy our stay at Villa Kayu Lama…mainly because we enjoyed the peace and quiet after the Ubud mayhem.  The villa had a nice decent sized pool…not a plunge pool…and the service on site was good.  Would we stay there again, maybe.  Mainly because we are not sure if we would actually wanna spend that much time in Ubud next time.  We had more fun in Seminyak.

I hope this helps others.  I found very little info about Villa Kayu Lama when I was doing my bali research, and I hope this helps others who are wondering if they should stay there.

Shout if you have more questions…I will try and answer them.