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I first tried Bebek Bengil’s crispy duck when they first opened, over a decade ago, and I must say it was fantastic.  I remember devouring two crispy ducks for a meal plus a white russian cheesecake!  And re-visiting them during that same trip countless times because the duck was just that good.  It was crispy on the outside (not at all greasy), full of spice infused flavour inside, the duck was still juicy!  The cheesecake was creamy…and the vodka punch was nice and intense.  It WAS a two thumbs up meal.  The setting then was nice and tranquil…quaint even….service was warm and friendly.

This visit…it was the TOTAL OPPOSITE.  Frankly, this was our worse meal the whole six-day trip.  Service was shocking…we had to ask for the menu a couple of times, when the crispy duck came…oh my goodness…what a disappointment.  It was greasy, certain bits of the skin was rubbery…i THINK the duck was prefried in advance, and they just did a refry to heat it through cos it was very dry, and it lacked flavour.  The thing that REALLY tipped us over?

The HORRIBLE white russian cheesecake.  It had so much gelatin…I think if you threw it against the wall, it would bounce back like a tennis ball!  Ok….put the “bouncy-ness” aside…it was also tasteless!  *shudder*  We gave up on this, and left it behind.
It is a pity…this was one of my highlight meals over a decade ago when i visited Ubud…now…I will definitely give this place a miss.  It was a waste of tummy space…should have had something else.  A packet of chips from the supermarket would have been better than this!