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High on our “must check out” list before visiting Bali was Naughty Nuris in Ubud.  The original Naughty Nuris.  Also because the man loves ribs.  He lived in the States for 10 years, and one of the things he misses is a good slab of ribs.  Naughty Nuris is the brainchild of a American man who married a Indonesian lady (Nuri).  It is located a bit further out of the Ubud city centre…it is walkable…but seriously…taxis are so cheap…just jump into a taxi…and save yourself the hassle.  Alternatively…go to Bali Botanica Spa (about a 5 minutes stroll away) for some pampering…then head on down for some sinful ribs.

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They are known for their American style ribs infused with some Indonesian spices.  No brainer…gotta go.  And boy oh boy were they good!  The meat was fall off the bone tender, the bbq sauce was smokey with a nice tang to it.  Portion was a little on the small side, but you can order sides to bulk it up.  We ordered the wedges, and well…they are just ordinary wedges…nothing special.  Frozen wedges thrown in the fryer.

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We got a great seat in the lil shack, just in front of the bbq grill, and I noticed that the ribs are already pre-cooked before they come out to the bbq area.  The ribs are thrown on to add colour and more bbq sauce before serving to customers.

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Seeing as Anthony Bourdain raved about their martinis being one of the best he has had outside of NYC…I had to order one.. just to verify.  *wink*  Oh man…they are STRONG!  The lady shakes the drink up in front of you…pours it to the brim, and you need to take a sip before she tops it up.  WARNING….be prepared for a huge boozy whack when you do the first sip!  I think my exact words were “OMG!  I think i have grown chest hair! This is strong!”

A couple of regulars at another table chuckled…and said “good luck”.  Well they must enjoy watching newbies taking their first sip of this letheal martini.  We ended up striking up a conversation and shared a couple of beers with them.  We found out that the table at the extreme left (when you enter the shack) is where the American owner hung out very often before he passed on.  They have a little sign on his favourite bench too.  And he had a special whistle when he needed another beer.

We had a brilliant afternoon at the shack…good food…good drinks…good company and reasonably priced.  We loved the ribs so much, we checked out the Seminyak outlet.  But that is a whole separate post.  I will share what the differences are.

Pros of Ubud outlet: We found the ribs at the ubud outlet smokier and tastier, the seminyak outlet had a bit of kick to it but it didn’t have the same tangy flavour.  It has a more rustic feel to it, and it was quieter as compared to the Seminyak outlet.

Pros of Seminyak outlet: The ribs portion was bigger than the Ubud outlet.  They had cute gimmicky things like Porn Corn (grilled corn) which I didn’t see on the Ubud’s menu. The drinks are just as strong in the Seminyak outlet…but they added a very cute touch.  After time a martini is ordered…the waitress does a little “shake shake shake” dance before serving your drink.  It adds a nice cheer.  Service was DEFINITELY better in the Seminyak outlet.  Annie (I think she is the owner) noticed that my friend was juggling caring for her newborn and her lunch…and she came forward to assist with caring for the baby so that my friend could enjoy her meal.  How awesome is that!  A very nice touch.  The staff in Ubud hardly crack a smile, and service is very basic when you compare it to the Seminyak out.

Naughty Nuris (ubud) address: Jl. Raya Sanggingan, Ubud, +62 361 977547