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We were quite disappointed with the standard of the eggs benedict in the bali resorts we stayed at….so to make up for that…I whipped up some simple eggs bene at home over the weekend.

What can I say…it tasted so much better.  The yolks were runny….the sauce was eggy with a bit of a zing…totally hit the spot!

For dinner, being the first dinner with Mr Frida (Dad) since returning from our trip…I whipped up a little treat.  We have Sheng Mien (sang mein) with a dark chocolate with cointreau mousse for dessert.

The noodles was crispy…the gravy was delish…made sure i added more veggies than meat so that it is healthier…just to make up for the decadent dessert.  The dessert was also modified to make it healthier…no cream..just a bit of milk.  No one could tell that there was no cream added.  BRILLIANT!