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Confiture Michele
(Address: Jl. Gootama Ubud)

This took us a while to find while we were in Ubud, but man is it worth it. They have a huge assortment of jams (based on French recipes) for you to taste before you purchase. 

It was difficult narrowing down our options. Jams are made from both traditional and tropical fruits.  According to their label and the lady in the store, they are all low in sugar.  Brilliant!  We left with the jackfruit jam, vanilla and banana jam, tropical mix, spicy passion fruit chutney, soursop jam. 

I wish they had a bigger jar of the soursop jam cos i love soursop but they only had the small taster jar left. 

We couldn’t leave the shop without trying their crepe. We ordered one with Spicy Passionfruit Chutney to go, and man it was goood! They make it fresh when you order. Lovely treat.

Personally, I preferred their stuff here as compared to Kou which I also visited. Their jams here were more unique and tasted better. Sure they don’t have the same polished decor or packaging that Kou has…but hey…at the end of the day…it is taste that matters!

Kou Cuisine
(Address: Jln Monkey Forest)

A very cute jam boutique.  Small variety of different jams (when compared with Confiture Michele).  When we were there, there was milk caramel, apple cinnamon, mango, strawberry & banana, grape & buni, pineapple & guava, Passionfruit & tangerine jam.  Tasted then all, and well they were ok.  Nothing that unique to shout about.  The best seller, milk caramel, in the man’s words tasted like condensed milk.  And once he said that, I must admit that I agree.  I do wonder what the hype is.  Yes, the shop looks very pretty, the items are nicely packaged, but flavour wise, I think Confiture Michele nailed it.  They did have some interesting seasoning salt which I bought as a gift for a good friend.  My tip is to purchase this for friends because the packaging looks nicer than Confiture Michele.  Around the corner, they have a soap shop which I hear is good, but I didn’t visit so I can’t comment.

(Address: Jln Dewi Sita 6D)

I had high expectations when it came to this shop, mainly because of the awesome reviews and pictures I found online.  Unfortunately, it didn’t live up to it.  The shop was very small, and the variety of handicrafts (wooden spoons, trays, serving dishes) was limited.  Do take a walk through though…MAYBE you will find a gem.

Ubud Market

Great spot to find cheap gifts for friends at home.  The variety is very similar to what you will find at Kuta market, but cheaper. Go grab some souvenirs like the bintang t-shirts, board shorts, mosiac serving ware etc for a song.

What did we buy?  I got quite a few different jams and chutneys from confiture michele, a salt and a jam from Kou.  That is from the list of places above.  Our driver did take us to a market where locals shop for their daily needs like groceries etc, and I found an absolute bargain.  Check it out below….stuff i got for my display shelf.


These two brand new tingkats cost me approximately US$13 for the pair!  How cheap is that!!


The two pots on the left (to match the tingkat on the right) only cost me US$9!!

Super happy with our purchases!