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This was one of the places I had listed before our trip as a must go for lunch.  Only reason it was for lunch instead of breakfast was because our stay came with breakfast included.  From all the reviews on tripadvisor and blogs, this sounded like a funky place that served good food at a reasonable price.  Good coffee to boot!  It just had to be done.  And I must say…we weren’t disappointed.

20140510_134157Air conditioned inside the restaurant, they have an outer bit with high tables that isn’t but it is still nice and cool where you can sit and people watch.

Armed with the address, it was still kinda difficult to find.  I think the best landmark i can give you is this….it is between Colony Hotel and Bodyworks Spa.  Before heading there, a lot of people alluded to a cute hangover breakfast the cafe has on offer.  That really intrigued me.  Should I spoil the fun for you?  I think i will…only because the food is so good…this is just going to be a perk to head over to try the place out.  they have an awesome sense of humour.

The hangover breakfast essentially is a hearty plate of bacon, sauteed mushrooms, eggs, grilled tomato, toast, coffee, orange juice, PLUS two panadols and a berocca!!  LOL.  How cute is that.  I know quite a few people who would appreciate such a breakfast after a big night out.  Had to chuckle when I saw that on the menu.

The menu is pretty extensive.  Nice variety of healthy salads, greasy fixes like bacon, beer battered fish and chips, hearty meals for meat fans like a steak baguette to yummy tortilla wraps and tacos!

We were there for lunch, and decided on the spicy prawn taco and the pork quesadilla.  Everything came nicely presented on a wooden “plate”.  The man washed down his meal with a cold bottle of bintang…I enjoyed my meal with a fresh watermelon juice.

20140510_135946 20140510_135953

The man’s meal first.  The pork quesadilla.  Generous portion of pork in the quesadilla.  Silky smooth guac and cool sour cream.  He was very happy with the portioning…but we did find the quesadilla a little too salty.  It needed a good dip of the sour cream to help neutralise the saltiness.  I think it is because of the generous amount of cheese in the quesadilla.  He still rated the meal a good one because of the portion, the seasoning (after adding a huge spoonful of sour cream), and the crisp shell.  Very reasonably priced too.

20140510_140043 20140510_140049
I picked the spicy prawn taco with mango salsa and guac.  This was PERFECT.  No complains whatsoever.  The prawns were nicely spiced, not overcooked, the cool mango salsa brought out the flavour of the prawns.  Portion wise, this was good for me…enough for me to share some of my lunch with the man.  So he got a taster too!  🙂

I finished the meal with a latte.  Good melbourne style coffee.  I would rate it as the second best coffee we had the whole trip.  Who was the winner?  Needless to say…that accolade has to go to Revolver Cafe.

20140510_133321 20140510_133328
Total bill for the whole meal was about US$26.  Very decent I feel.  I would go back.  I loved the beach shake like ambience, relaxed vibe, good food, quirky menu, good price point and excellent decor.  The bathroom is how cute!!

Don’t worry about bali belly here…just tuck in and enjoy your meal.

Address:22 Jalan Kayu Aya [Oberoi Rd], Seminyak, Phone: +62 361 738 667