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20140510_143048Potato Head Beach Club.  I have heard so much about this place, and everyone raves about how awesome the place is, and the cocktails are supposedly superb.

We dropped by Potato Head after lunch at Sea Circus on our first day.  It was actually a toss up between Ku De Ta and Potato Head.  We ended up at Potato Head because it had better reviews from friends.
We made no reservations, and just walked in.  From the signage on the main street, it is a decent walk in before you see the building.  At one stage, we weren’t too sure if we were on the right track.

Then…you see the big structure.  How cool!  It has different wooden louvered window panes decorating the exterior!

To get to the restaurant/bar, you have to go through their shop and up a short flight of stairs.  Once at the top, you are greeted by a hostess.  Seeing as we had no reservation, we were given the option of sitting either at the bar OR at one of the cushioned seats facing their little grass patch.  If we were to sit at the cushioned seats, they did say that we had to leave by a certain time because there was a reservation later in the evening.  That was not a problem, we planned to just have a drink and soak in the atmosphere.

I have heard a lot about the excellent service at Potato Head, so I was rather surprised they left us to walk to our seats (the cushioned ones) on our own.  After we settled down, while waiting for the menu, the sun came out and we were under the DIRECT sun.  Ah…that’s why those seats were empty!  It was just too warm (3pm sun) to be sitting there…we would have been burnt!

We decided to move to the bar closer to the beach.  Wow…the view!!!
20140510_144450 20140510_144517 Isn’t it beautiful!  And the waves were huge!  This was also the only time we actually saw the beach while we were in Bali.  LOL.  The view is amazing, and for that alone, i recommend visiting this place.

The vibe and atmosphere reminds me a lot of Tanjong Beach Club in Singapore.  Pool, bar…cabanas, tables for dining.  The place was PACKED, can’t believe how packed it was seeing as it is low season in Bali!  Families out with their kids, people getting a tan while reading or sipping a cocktail.  20140510_145001Speaking of cocktail, we got ours pretty quick.  No issues there whatsoever.  We enjoyed our mango caipirinha.  Well mixed.  Nice touch with the fresh sliced mango.  Not some dried up slice that has been sitting around for ages.

We had a nice hour and a bit people watching while sipping our cocktail.  About US$14 each if i remember correctly.  Interesting mix of people at Potato Head.  Families enjoying the sun with their kids having a great time in the pool, the young and beautiful preening themselves, young adults obviously enjoying their break from school doing shooters, kids taking their mums out for a tipple for mother’s day, quiet tourist like us just people watching.  You get all kinds here.

We had out cocktails with ice, and there’s no issue here.  Go ahead.  No bali belly.  frankly, we had ice in quite a few places, and we never did have an upset tummy. I think the key is to be sensible where you allow ice to be included in your drink.  At a place like Potato Head Beach Club, I am sure it is fine.

We had a nice afternoon enjoying the sea breeze, cocktail and people watching.  Think the only bit that needed improvement was the welcome.  It would have been nice to be walked to our table/chair.  And advise us that the seat we had chosen initially will be under direct sun.  Would have been a nice touch.

(Address: Jalan Petitenget 51 B | SeminyakSeminyak, Kuta, BaliIndonesia)