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HANDS DOWN..the BEST coffee in Bali and even Singapore!  What a gem of a place!  It was our go to place for coffee while we were in Seminyak.  It was so good, we actually trooped down to Seminyak on our final day, just so that we could have one more fix before heading home to Singapore.  Yes, it’s totally worth it.

Definitely not the easiest place to find if you have not been there.  But once you find it, you won’t forget it.  The best way to describe where it is…ask around for Bali Clinic.  Once you get to Bali Clinic, look across the road for a boutique called This is A Love Song.  This is a Love Song boutique is at the corner.  With your back facing Bali Clinic, it is across the road on the right.  The entrance to Revolver is down the little alley next to the boutique.  Alternatively, walk through This is a Love Song boutique and you are in Revolver.

Trust me…it is worth the search.  SEARCH FOR IT.  Once you find it…have a coffee for me please!  Quaint little cafe, windowless but it is very cosy.  Their coffee is just amazing. We ordered Flat Whites, and they were PERFECTION. Full crema, milk warmed to just the right temperature, good balanced coffee.  One just won’t be enough.

While we were there, we were too full to actually order their food, but looking at what the other customers were tucking into, it looks good!  Nice aussie cafe portions, reasonably priced.  I like that they have quirky names for stuff on their menu too!

20140510_161643 Indoor seating20140510_162003Small outdoor seating

Service can be a bit slow, but all is forgiven because the coffee is just that good.  We didn’t have to wait for a table the few times we made it to Revolver, maybe because it was low season.  On our last day, there was a biggish group of aussies sitting next to us…I must admit i was a little shocked when they asked for one and a half shot of espresso in their single latte.  Wow…the coffee already packed a good punch (with a single shot) and they wanted one and a half…I would be bouncing off the walls!  LOL.  But hey, that is a personal preference…no judgement whatsoever.  Heh!

In a summary, bite the bullet (geddit geddit)…and find Revolver.  It is worth it.

Address: Jalan Kayu Aya No 3, Oberoi, Seminyak, Tel: +62 0361 788 4968, Daily: 8am – 5pm