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20140510_202727 Leading to the main dining hall, the bar is on the right of the pic20140510_202819

Gorgeous bar with very friendly bartenders20140510_194022View of the main dining hall towards the bar

This wasn’t actually on our list of restaurants to visit.  For our first evening in Seminyak, I wasn’t actually too sure where we should dine.  There were the usual suspects of Cafe Warisan, Metis, La Luciola, Sardines, Mamasan etc.  In the end, we thought we should just eat close to the villa…which meant Mamasan.

Silly me, I didn’t actually make a reservation with them, so they couldn’t seat us till 9ish pm!!  That is crazy late for me….i need to eat by 7ish.  Thankfully a foodie friend in Singapore recommended Merah Putih.  Called them, and they said they could seat us, but we needed to finish by 9pm.  No problem.  One and half hours is heaps of time to complete a meal.  🙂

What a great choice it ended up being.  When we got to the entrance of the restaurant, it looked normal enough.  I expected a couple of tables, simple Indonesian menu…done deal.  boy oh boy was I pleasantly surprised.  Architecturally this place is stunning.  High ceiling, tall white beams, HUGE palm trees, fairy lights.  It looked magical.  Breathtaking.  A great first impression…and that just continued!

The Indonesian food was superb…Chef kept the essence of Indonesian food in his dishes, but he added his own european twist to it…be it with flavours he added or just plating.

To start, we were given a small bowl of compliementary duck soup.  The flavours just woke our tastebuds up!  nice infusion of asian spices in a mild coconut broth with some shredded duck.  oh…I could have had a lot more of this!!

20140510_194811We continued with a serving of their Crispy Chicken.  This was really interesting.  I was expecting the typical ayam penyat style of chicken, but this was different.  The crispy chicken was served two ways.  A seasoned crispy chicken drumbstick and some rolled chicken stuffed breast that had a crispy crust.  Chef managed to keep the chicken very moist.  It was served with a dark sauce of sort, which I assumed was kecap manis (sweet soya) but I was wrong.  It was a wonderful concoction of sweet, savoury and a little sour.  Lovely dipping sauce.

20140510_195251Babi Guling was next, and this was waaay better than Ibu Oka in Ubud.  All the flavours married together very well.

20140510_195216 20140510_200502The show stopper for this meal has to be the grilled snapper with a eggplant sauce.. WOW WOW WOW!  This coming from a girl that isn’t a fan of soft vegetables…eggplants included.  I thoroughly enjoyed this dish.  The fish was very fresh and well marinated with just enough spice.  The flavour of the lovely snapper still came through.  It was bbq-ed very well…the fish was still very moist and flakky inside.  The eggplant sauce was not overpowering, with the pickled onion tying all the flavours together.

Our waiter approached us halfway through our dinner (when we were tucking into the crispy chicken) and apologised that our fish will take a bit longer.  He said that the kitchen realised that they made it too spicy, so they have decided to start all over again with a new snapper.  I was tempted to say that we are fine with a spicy fish, but decided against it.  lets try it how Chef wants to serve it.

No regrets.  It was excellent.  We enjoyed this with some coconut rice.

To end our meal, we each ordered a small dessert, and both were superb.  Mango sorbet with coconut panna cotta for him, a mangosteen sorbet with shaved young coconut for me.

We were both very satisfied with the meal.  Loved every morsel.  The ambience was excellent as previously mentioned, and the service was commendable.  Total bill was in the region of US$70.  Cheap for our standards when we compare it to what we would have paid in Singapore for a similar meal in a similar setting, but i guess a little on the high side bali.  To me…it WAS WORTH EVERY CENT!

Address: Jl. Petitenget No.100xKerobokan, Kuta, Bali 80361Indonesia