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Chanced upon Barbacoa when I was doing my research for our Bali trip.  After reading reviews from various sites, I got so excited that i made my reservation waaaay waaaay in advance.  In a nutshell, the restaurant did not disappoint.

I sent them a email explaining that we would like to visit their restaurant on our final night for pre-dinner drinks and dinner.  They replied with a great suggestion!  Pre-dinner drinks at a great outdoor table to enjoy the sunset, followed by dinner inside.  Fab!

When we finally arrived at Barbacoa…wow!  The restaurant is beautiful.  High ceilings, funky music, nice vibe!  We were ushered to our door table, and wow…it was beautiful!  We both chose a passionfruit mojito to start, two thumbs up to the mixologist!  The cocktail was delicious and deceiving!  It didn’t taste very punchy…but we definitely felt it after a couple of sips.  Well done!  just how a cocktail should be.  hick!

We then proceeded inside for dinner.  When we first walked in, we saw the 8-hour slow roasted pig and lamp on the spit…and we knew we definitely needed to try at least one of them…if not both!

After perusing the menu, we decided on the following:

20140511_191731Battered Fish Taco, chipotle mayo, slaw, mango.  We decided to share one so that we would have space to enjoy more dishes….sigh…sure wish we had bigger tummies.  This was very good.  Fish was soft and flaky, the chipotle mayo was very subtle, the slaw added just enough acidity.  Delish.  But this wasn’t the highlight.  The next dish was our favourite dish.

20140511_191719Spicy Peruvian Style Snapper Ceviche with Aji Amarillo Dressing.  We couldn’t get enough of this.  The flavours!  The fish was very fresh, and marinated with the acids just right that it was not “overcooked”.  That dressing is just amazing!  As a seasoned homecook, I must admit I have no chance of replicating this.  The flavours were so nicely balanced that everything melded together to so well, it is difficult to pick out the different ingredients in the dressing!!  ARGH!! What a pity.  This was just so good!  I would go back there, and just have TWO of this for lunch next time!


Next up was the eight-hour wood fired asado of the day.  We picked the pig of course.  Our piggie was served with a side of chimichurri.  This was also nicely executed.  The skin was crisp, and the meat was moist.  Surprisingly the chimichurri worked really well with the pork.  I have only had it with steaks in the past.  Nice touch, I will be replicating this at home.

Next was the Charcoal octopus with crispy polenta, chorizo and paprika oil.  Impressive yet again. The polenta was nice and creamy inside with a beautiful crispy crust.  The highlight was the chorizo which was not too salty…full of flavour.  Unfortunately I did find the octopus a little too heavily seasoned with pepper.  The delicate sweetness of the octopus did not come through.  Having said that, the octopus was beautifully cooked.  It was neither rubbery nor tough.


Finally dessert.  We went for a dessert tasting plate so that we could have a variety.  That included three chocolate-ancho chilli truffle, honeycomb ice cream sandwich, three-hour flan with crispy waffle.

Highlight for us was the truffle….beauty!  Rich chocolate flavour with just a tiny hint of chilli that just enhanced the chocolate flavour.  We were divided on who should be placed second.  I decided that I preferred the flan because the flavour was nicely balanced.

We did want a taste of a dessert that we hear is off the menu which uses nitrogeon (just cos i have never tried that), unfortunately, we were there on a day where they were out of nitrogeon so we didn’t try it.

Address: Jalan Petitenget 14 | KerobokanKerobokan, Kuta, Bali 80361Indonesia