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The only place we had a spa treatment this time round in Seminyak.  The only other place I can compare it with is Taksu in Ubud which i have already reviewed here, and Bodyworks which I usually visit when I am in Seminyak.  Between Care Day Spa and Bodyworks, Care day spa comes up tops.  Between Care day spa and Taksu, Taksu comes up tops.

Decided to give Care Day Spa a go again because it is close to our villa.  On our last day, we booked ourselves in for a one-hour massage, a Lancome facial and one-hour foot reflex.  The treatment rooms are very clean which is a plus.

My partner thoroughly enjoyed his massage and facial.  I think I got a therapist that is still being trained.  She was ok…and she did apologise when she made a mistake like dripping facial mask into my ear etc.  No biggie.  It happens.  I still thought the treatment was excellent.

The highlight has got to be the foot reflexology.  Our therapist were spot on with the tension spots, and it has got to be one of the best foot reflex I have had in a looong time.  Multiple thumbs up!

While we were enjoying our foot reflex, a big group came in with some pretty noisy kids.  It was very kind of the spa to offer us a discount for our foot reflex (when the crowd arrived) to apologise for the noise.  Nice touch.

Just one tip for the spa though…man it is cold during the treatment.  With just a sheet for modesty…the air conditioning was waaaay too cold for me.

Address: Jl. Raya Kerobokan No. 112ASeminyak, Kuta, BaliIndonesia