Vanessa Frida

Bio: Just a Singaporean Chindian who juggles her career, loved ones, and passionate about baking & cooking. Pictures are in the original state, only because I am not tech savvy. I am a point the digi cam and shoot kind of gal. Please feel free to drop me a note. Always happy to hear from ya. vanessafridalj@gmail.com Please do NOT spam mail me.

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11 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Vanessa! I chanced on your blog while surfing the renotalk site. I want to renovate my EM – have lived there 17 years and previous owner (2nd owner) did not do much renovation. Neither did I cos wallet was quite tight at that time. I really like what you did with your home. Do you mind sharing the name of the ID you used? Thanks and you’ve got a marvelous blog!

  2. Hi Vanessa, I had come upon your blog while surfing renotalk site. I love ur baking and cooking and sharing of recipes!! You have a very pretty GR and I love the paint portraits u did for her and ur previous dog. I have 2 Miniature Schnauzer! Can you share with me where did u get it done and price of it? Thanks!

  3. Hi Vanessa,

    I like the stand lamps that you bought from Taobao for your living room. However are the plugs suitable for Singapore socket? I remembered china uses 2 pins plug which is very different from SG.

  4. Hi Vanessa, i really love your house design especially the common room with the french door design, could you advice how much do you spend to renovate this house?

  5. Hi Vanessa,

    Lovely kitchen!

    Just two questions:

    1) How are your Relite Petite fans going? Are they still working well? Do they provide good amount of wind?

    2) Which black granite did you go with for your countertops? Black Galaxy? Imperial Black…? Does it scratch easily?

    Thank you!

    • My relite petite are doing great…very happy with it. Keeps us nice and cool. 🙂

      I went with India black granite…no scratches…no stains…no complains.

  6. CrazyGuyinThailand said:

    Cool blog 🙂

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